Are you Registered to Vote?

We know this is not optical related, but during this unique time in history, it’s important to take a pause and address something with great importance. As we continue to move forward into uncertain times with the social climate ever changing, it’s becoming increasingly important to determine a few key things. In what direction do you want the future to move? What changes do you feel need to be made in order to build a society that delivers on the true ideas and ideals of the American promise? One way to help turn the wheels of change is by voting on the legislation and individuals that you feel would be the best vessel for that change. Voting not only helps us have our voices heard in reference to presidential elections, but more importantly, on a state and local government level. Be a part of the decisions that impact, not only you, but the community around you, also. Get involved. If you or someone you know is not registered to vote, I am adding two links to help you with the process. One link is to help with “How to Register to Vote” and the other is the actual site for “Registering to Vote“. You can click either link and it will take you to the appropriate page for your selection. For your reference, here is a link to help determine “Election Dates & Deadlines” in your state. Regardless of your political viewpoint, it’s important to have your voice heard. Please take a few moments to get registered or to help a friend or family member get registered to vote. Below is a short video clip to help the First Time Voter get prepared. Enjoy!