Sunglasses: Polarized vs. Non Polarized

“Polarized.. Non Polarized… What’s the big difference?!”

What are “Polarized” Lenses? Why do I need them? What’s the difference if my lenses aren’t “Polarized”?

These are very common question with a surprisingly simple answer. So, lets address each one of the questions individually.

What are “Polarized” Lenses? – Polarized Lenses are typically Sunglass Lenses that block out “Blinding Glare” from different light sources. So, basically, while wearing Polarized Lenses you should experience better visual comfort because of less strain on your eyes from outside glare. Polarized Lenses can be considered an “Anti-Reflective” in sunglass form.

Why do I need them? – In our everyday life, an inundation of outdoor light & glare can destroy our eyes without the proper protection. 25-50% of all automotive accidents are caused by distracted drivers. “Blinding Glare” is a big factor and can impair your vision for a short period of time. Depending on your age, that short period of time varies and the effects can last for quite a few moments. This is not the best thing to experience as you’re moving along the roadways in your vehicle. Polarized Lenses help eliminate that Blinding Glare.

What’s the difference if my lenses aren’t Polarized? – In the event that your lenses aren’t Polarized, it’s not the worst thing. There are instances where Non-Polarized Lenses are beneficial. For example, many Pilots aren’t able to wear Polarized Lenses because of the instrumentation polarization in their Flight Decks. Many consumers aren’t comfortable wearing Polarized Lenses because of the instrumentation polarization in their vehicles. In these cases, we recommend Non-Polarized Lenses with UV Filtering and/or Tinted Lenses with UV Filtering. Although these options aren’t quite as effective as Polarization, they still offer some protection from outside glare and the effects of UV rays on our eyes. There are a few additional options that may benefit your specific needs. Consult your Local Optician to discuss what may work best for you.