Why shouldn’t I clean my glasses with my shirt?

It’s a common question. For many of us, it’s almost second nature to clean our eyewear with our clothing. It’s seemingly a very convenient way to get your glasses clean and back in working shape. But, what most people don’t take into consideration is the potential for microscopic debris to be on your clothes. The smallest grain of sand or debris can wreak havoc on your lenses.

Here are couple tips and tricks for keeping your glasses in great shape:

1. Try to refrain from using solely water for cleaning your lenses, as many lenses have an Anti-Reflective coating that repels water. Instead, purchase Eyeglass Cleaning supplies (Cleaning Spray, Cleaning Cloth and/or Eyewear pre-moistened towelettes).

2. Visit your nearest Optician for an adjustment on your glasses. Many times, you may find that you get fingerprints or smudges/smears on your lenses often. Often times, a simple adjustment to your frame could alleviate those pesky smears & smudges.

For more information on basic eyewear care, visit your nearest Licensed Optician. To look and see your best, a Licensed Optician is your vision expert.